Socialization and Re-integration programs help to reshape the future of any child. Social growth of child is always crucial for a balanced life. But, the socialization and re-integration programs are challenging and require a lengthy course of homework, where dropouts stand as major challenge. Only, through love and care, the transformation in child can be possible.

Reintegration to  Family

Many kids come to the street, under the influence of other street-kids on their visit to their homes especially during festivals or because of family-violence. This means that many of the kids in the street have their families but do not want to return back for the disputes in the family. Khushi Nepal acts as a mediator in between the child and the family, to reintegrate the kids back to their homes. There are few extraordinary cases, where kids have been integrated to the family of step-father or step-mother and are living happily. Khushi Nepal keeps regular touch with the reintegrated kids and provides regular support.

Income Generation  Package

One of the main reasons children live underprivileged life because their family financial status is weak. Khushi Nepal believes not only on reintegrating the child after coming into the street but also in preventing children coming to the street or being deprived of child-rights. Khushi Nepal helps such family in developing income generating skills or grasping the opportunities in coordination with the relevant organizations. Not only this, Khushi Nepal extends this package to children once they turn into adults.

  •   Skill Oriented Vocational Trainings

    Khushi Nepal provides vocational trainings in alliance with organizations that provide such trainings. This includes sewing and knitting, driving, cooking, handicrafts and other trainings. After the training phase gets completed, Khushi Nepal helps them to get license if required, and for job placements, too.

  •   Business Support

    Khushi Nepal helps the underprivileged family to raise their living standard through financial aid for the business purpose like animal husbandry, agriculture, etc. The organization also provides equipment and small machineries required for the business. Khushi Nepal also helps in street markets for the people who live in the streets.

  •   Job Placement

    Khushi Nepal helps the family of underprivileged children for employing in jobs on the basis of their expertise. And, for this Khushi Nepal also provides skill based trainings if required.

Community  Participation

Community is very important in having a social life. A community not also provides security, but also provides way of livelihood. It is very important that the community accepts the underprivileged children as part of the society they live in. Khushi Nepal runs different community based programs to integrate kids into the society. Not only integrating a child into a family is sufficient, it is equally important that the community considers such child as integral part of the society, and supports the socialization of the child. Socialization has always been a challenging aspect at the latter phase of integrating a child.

Nepali community is very diverse. This small country is full of diverse culture, customs and traditions. Still, Nepal has been a unique example of peaceful cultural and religious divergence. Thus, it is obvious that the thinking of people greatly varies from one another in the society. Khushi Nepal put its efforts to bring them to a common point of understand, keeping the future of children the central point.

One of such popular events is kite flying, in which children in the community come together to compete with each other. Holi is another festival of colors in which people in the community put colors to each other sharing their joy. Dashain and Tihar are the major festivals where tika is offered to the junior by senior with blessings.

Within a community, Khushi Nepal organizes talk programs with senior citizens to discuss the issue of children and seeks help sketching a beautiful future of the children. The organization also organizes different children based programs, competitions, picnic, etc. that helps in reintegrating the kids.