Khushi Nepal supports education of the children through full scholarship, partial scholarship, referrals and support material distribution. But, such merits are only provided after keen observation, evaluation and criteria. The criteria to assist a child may differ based on whether the child have guardian or is a sole-inhabitant.

There are many cases where education programs for kids look as a source of earning for the parents or guardians. This is the reason, why Khushi Nepal, contrast to its outreach program, extends its education support to a child only after a series of evaluation. Further to this, Khushi Nepal directly pays the scholarship to the related institution or handovers study materials to the kids. Khushi Nepal puts special care that the service it provides are meant and utilized by the concern kids, and are not misused.

Children in the street are exposed to a life with the fullest freedom. They do not like to be ruled under disciplines or administered by others. Hence, it is very difficult to counsel them for education. As a result, there are many dropout cases observed every year. Yet, there are few who have been recognized by the society and are observing a reputed life.

Full  Scholarship

Khushi Nepal provides full scholarship to children under education program for kids, who seek financial assistance, based on their merits and requirements. Full scholarship can be full payment of school fee or hostel fee or both. Further, this can include annual admission, sports, laboratory, stationery and other fee.

Full scholarship programs are offered to children with interest to study but are deprived, because of their economic status or other reasons. Full scholarship is provided typically to a child with no parent or with the street-life background.

Khushi Nepal ensures sustainability of the support from its donor before it decides to support a child for his/her education. This is something that really bring transformation in child's life and secures his/her future, but what is required is commitment from donor to continue the long-term support and a promising life to the child with a guardian care.

Partial  Scholarship

Khushi Nepal provides partial scholarship to children under education program for kids, who seek some financial assistance in their studies. Such assistance can only be one time or regular support in a partial pay scheme.

Khushi Nepal offers partial scholarship program in order to ensure that no child is deprived of learning. The partial scholarship program is to support low-income family in raising their living standard without comprising the future of their children.


Khushi Nepal refers the needy children to its partner organization for foster-care support that includes residential and academic support. The organization also refers children to different co-working organization, on the basis of their necessities and interest areas. Khushi Nepal after referrals play the role of parent for the children.

Khushi Nepal believes on the best utilization of available resources between the co-working organizations, rather than duplication of the programs. Street Field Workers Forum (SFWF) is a loose forum of street fieldworkers, in which Khushi Nepal has been currently doing presidency. With the culture of interexchange of resources, the organizations in SFWF find solution to each other's problem, among which mostly are solved within SFWF members.

Khushi Nepal considers referral as a strong program. Khushi Nepal believes that it is the children who should be primarily benefitted, and this may not be always possible within or by a single organization.

Support Material  Distribution

Khushi Nepal extends its support under education program for kids, through material distribution to children and education institutions. This includes distribution of stationaries, sports equipment, laboratory items, IT equipment, food and clothes distribution, etc. The support materials are distributed only after proper examination of the real requirements in the institution, and ensuring that the materials are meant for benefitting children's learning abilities.

Laboratory setup and IT-lab setup in the institution are important programs under education for kids, to raise the standard of education in remote areas, and in government schools. In such projects, Khushi Nepal regular monitors the condition and usage. Khushi Nepal believes that the equipment it provides should fully benefit the students and the maintenance should be done time to time by the institution itself.

The support material distribution under education program for kids intends to uplift the standard of education system in the schools and institutions. For productive outputs, an institution must be logically equipped, and promote the use of modern technical advancements. This program is to help institution to connect with fast growing world.

Khushi Nepal provides support material in two ways. In first order, it provides educational and sports materials to the selective government schools of Nepal. The school is referred by fieldworker where the organization provides copy, book, uniform, shoes, pen, pencil, eraser, football, badminton, jersey, educational playing materials and many more. In the second approach, Khushi Nepal provides or sets a laboratory, library and IT materials. All these program will be focused for the school improvements and quality education.

The two approaches described above have distinct features. One will focus more on the children and its objective is to motivate the children for the schooling and provide basic accessories to have minimum level of education with a balance of education and sports. Another approach will focus on the school's improvement, quality of education and education learning by doing through material distribution to the school management. In such approach, children get materials to practice what they learn from the school and the teachers can teach in a scientific way using modern equipment.