The sudden struck of devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015 (at 11:55 AM, GMT +5:45, Kathmandu Local Time) claimed the lives of 8500 plus people across many districts in Nepal. Majority of the old-fashioned houses in these districts were completed demolished leaving hundreds of thousands of population homeless. Though it has already been a long time from the disaster, the situation still remains very serious. Nepal Government through Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund has been actively working in many such areas, but this effort has not been proved to be sufficient. Remoteness and recent onset of monsoon has made the task even more difficult. In addition to the government effort (from army, police, governmental bodies, etc.) many other civil society organizations have been very active in gathering resources and assisting the affected areas. Such efforts range from individual to huge charities/non-profits/donors, etc. showing active concern and involvement for restoration and normalizing the life.

Khushi Nepal's activities stand as organized efforts as ‘Earthquake Relief Program 2015’ involving various co-working/supporting individuals/organizations with a common objective of serving the needy and restoring their family peace through preventive, curative and post-support programs. The objectives are concentrated to bringing up the living standards of the victimized and vary from individual life-skill oriented support to job placement support if necessary, city cleaning program to medical camps, and stationery distribution to school building supports.

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