•     Uniqueness

    Every organization runs under its own protocol based on legal laws, sponsorship and structure. But the needs and demands of the street children have been fluctuating due to changes in street behaviors, their living standards and overall changes in city life. This has created a significant gap, which we felt is one of the vital reasons for the ineffectiveness in service. KHUSHI NEPAL therefore has been putting its efforts to fill up such gaps.

    We found, in Nepal, street organizations have very dry approach towards street life. They do serve but in a formal way. So, street children are developing the notion that whatever these workers are doing is for their own benefit, not for them, which to some extent is true as well. So, it's our endeavor to create a very family like environment, where they can feel caring, homely and loving environment, which we think will bring true transformation in them. This is our real motive as well.

  •     Significant Contribution

    KHUSHI Nepal strongly believes that no transformation is concrete without establishing personal linkage with individual children. Within a span of only five years, we have been able to reach more than 60% of street children out of 800 population.

    No single handed work can bring significant change. Therefore, we believe in exchanging services with other co-working organizations. Such an exemplary coordinating approach today has resulted in bringing common street working procedure.

  •     Popularity Level

    Our regular field visit is our key to remain updated scenario in the street. Such visits thereby has led to establish individual relation with street children and other local people around.

    Time to time, we have interaction programs with society members, police officials and other stakeholders.

  •     Achievements

    •     Successful Experiment
      •       A Case Study of Four Adopted Children with Family Integration Approach.

      •       Success story of children at ‘The Garden of Truth’ – Satya Uddhyan Residential English Boarding School (partner organization of Khushi Nepal).

      •       Street Youths into Society.

      •       A Case Study of Four Adopted Children with Family Integration Approach.

      •       Recognized position

                - Developing draft on ‘Guidelines on Rescue, Protection and Management of Street Children 2014’.

                - Developing leadership skills in mutual coordination: Street Field Workers Forum.