Satya Uddyan School – A Successful Story of KHUSHI's Referral

"Referring Program" is one of the major programs of KHSUHI. Neither KHUSHI has a Drop-In Centre (DIC) nor any Rehabilitation Centre. KHUSHI has only been providing the services like medical, first-aid, feeding, clothes distribution, sanitation, etc in the street. So, KHUSHI has a direct and warm relationship with street children of Kathmandu Valley. Then after, through a regular contact and talks with street children, inspiring and motivating them to lead a positive life, KHUSHI refers them into a suitable place. Satya Uddyan School is among the trustworthy organizations with whom KHUSHI has been keeping alliance. Satya Uddyan, meaning Garden of Truth, is a small school located in a beautiful place of Farsi-Tole, Laliptur. Rashmi's (Principal of Satya Uddyan) dedication and compassion to change the life of the children is highly appreciable.

Cyrille Ly with Kids at Satya Uddyan

KHUSHI has referred 13 children on the street and 2 children up the street to Satya Uddyan. But, it was never an easy task to motivate and convince those children. Most of them were living with their parents in the streets since their birth. The parents were only using their children as a good source of daily income. So, children were mostly involved in begging, peeking pocketing, and stealing money from the temples. Even, some of them were sexually exploited by their own family members and by other street youths. KHUSHI kept a regular touch with those children, gave feelings of tenderness and love, and inspired them to live a positive life ahead.

With love and care, everything is possible. Now, the children are getting good education in Satya Uddyan. The team of Satya Uddyan have been doing an inspiring work providing them with both educations in parallel – physical and spiritual education. They believe that without progress of spirituality, it's hard to motivate and change the children. Here, spirituality doesn't relate to something religious or getting pious, but it is the technique of widening the field of education promoting the values in the hearts of the children. And, KHUSHI has found that their way of teaching is practical. They are quite conscious on all these topics. So, we can see a lot of value based educational pamphlets and leaflets all around the school. We're very surprised that we referred fifteen children to Satya Uddyan but there is not a single record of any children run away or not desiring to be at that school. On the other hand, we can see drop-out being a common problem of every street children related organization. This is all because of Rashmi's dedicated team and team-effort to all the children. Additionally, Rashmi never misses to give each of the children individual love and care.

KHUSHI has referred there fifteen children. It doesn't mean that our responsibility is fulfilled. We are indeed feeling delighted to work in alliance with them. Now, KHUSHI is a guardian for those children, and Satya Uddyan is care-taker. The children trust us. They listen to us. So, we never miss to follow-up them. Of course, Satya Uddyan has been providing all the facilities to the children. But over visit to them brings a feeling of closeness and familiarity in them. We are always grateful to Satya Uddyan for such divine efforts.

Aman Shrestha
Nov 23, 2013


It seemed just few weeks back to me, though it has already been about two months that Josh (name changed) has been integrated to his family. The memories are still fresh when brother Santosh brought him to KHUSHI appartment. That was the first time I noticed him, though I possibly had met him during street football tournament organized just few days back. In spite he was in the street for almost four years as Santosh made me learn, he appeared to me as if he was a normal boy except his unhygienic wear. This might had been possible because of all regular counselling and the time spent with him by Santosh.

Josh With His Mother

During that night, he remained quite silent to me. May be it was because I was a new face to him. I cooked some meals for him, which he enjoyed. Then, I put a Nepali movie for him on you-tube and managed sleeping arrangements for him. Next day, early morning we had good tea and small talks. It looked as Josh is now totally positive to his life and wanted to give a fresh start. He also promised to re-continue his studies further. I assured to visit him during Dashain/Tihar festival holiday, during my homestay. After morning breakfast, Santosh took him to the bus-station for his safe journey to his hometown, Dharan. Then after, we had been following him on cell phone conversation.

Josh his Father and Satyam (From Left)

During my homestay, I finally visited to him at Dharan. Brother Satyam, a local resident of Dharan, made it easy for me to get his home. My first sight as I reached there went on Josh, who was enjoying with a small baby, with smiles on his face. I met his mother and auntie and his other small brothers/sisters and had a small conversation with them. They were very happy to have Josh back and Josh was very satisfied indeed. I just said them, "It was all because of our love to him that Josh is now with you. Now, it's your turn to bind him with the rope of love and care. I'm sure of it because love can make everything possible."

Josh and I

Then, Josh took me to his father, where he was working for building home. His father thanked us for such a novel work and assured me that Josh will soon join his school. What I liked about him that he believed in transferring his skills to his son and so he would be taking Josh along with him at work whenever he will have a long vacation at school. It is what I believe education in Nepal lacks – skills generating work in parallel to academics.

Josh at Home

Just few days back, Santosh had a telephone conversation with Josh's family. My happiness flew to extreme when Santosh told me that now Josh has re–started his school life. Now, Josh studies in 5th grade at his home.

Me, Josh and His Father (From Left)

Josh at Khushi Nepal

This is for what I am enjoying working here. It's not always about payments, but what happiness I have been getting here cannot be compared. It feels really very glad to bring change in someone's life. Truly I believe, small acts can lead towards a great impact.

I wish Josh a very successful and happy life ahead. God Blesses Him!

Aman Shrestha
Nov 13, 2013