We have been serving the street children in and around the Kathmandu Valley since 2008. Compelled, and at the same time inspired, by the poverty and suffering of the street children, Santosh Poudel set out with just a small bag of medical supplies to serve some of our brothers and sisters.

Good acts always attract kind hearts. His small endeavor caught the eye of Cyrille Ly from France. He was determined to provide more lasting support to the kids and registered ‘Khushi France ’ in France on 21 November 2008.

As a founder president of Khushi France, Cyrille became more actively engaged with supporting street children in Nepal. This support gained more momentum as more volunteers worked with street children, and more supplies were distributed to the children.

To further strengthen this activity, Khushi Nepal was established with the help from the founder president of Khushi France, and from tireless contribution of Santosh Poudel, who also became a President of the newly established organization in Nepal.

From then on, from the hills of Swyambhu to the river banks beneath Kalopul Bridge, from holy premises of Bouddhanath to the junkyard of Mahalaxmisthan, from the solitude of Pashupatinath jungle to the crowd of Ratnapark area, KHUSHI NEPAL started to work tirelessly to transform the lives of street children.

In spite of the phenomenal challenges, Khushi has been able to address many problems facing children living on the street. Khushi has provided financial support and guardianship for more than twenty children who have gone on to different schools and support organizations; we have continued to support the children for vital registration citizenship, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other critical legal documents; we have continued to provide health services to any child in need, and provide psychosocial counselling, life skills training, and vocational trainings for as many children as possible. Because of Khushi's efforts, many street children have been rehabilitated and been able to rejoin their communities, and many families have been reintegrated. In 2013 alone, Khushi reached over 250 individual children.

Despite the successes that Khushi has had, it is not possible to solve all of the problems of street children from the organization level only - we need cooperation and participation from all the individual, social, national, and international levels. Only by working together with other aid and development organizations, standing shoulder to shoulder, joining hands together for change in the spirit of unity and brotherhood, can a real effort be mounted. No child should have to lose their youth or life in street, no child's future should be shattered in suffering, every child should be loved and entitled to the basic needs he deserves having been born on Mother Earth.

Khushi Nepal is now also working with children from variety of background, including helping schools where children from very poor families study; and also work with children that live in very poor areas of Nepal. Khushi Nepal is also supporting families start income generating activities so they can give better education, food and support to their children.