Khushi Nepal - Introduction

Khushi Nepal is a registered, non-profitable, non-governmental organization working for the welfare of underprivileged and vulnerable children in Nepal since Jan 2011. The organization primarily focuses its activities on outreach, education, socialization and income-generation activities to the family of the affected children. The activities of Khushi Nepal are centralized to bring positive changes in the life of children and encourage them to lead a better and inspired life

Khushi Nepal - Vision

Khushi means joy in Nepali. The ultimate aim of Khushi Nepal is to ensure the children and the youth of Nepal lead joyful and flourishing life.

Khushi Nepal - Mission

Make certain the disadvantaged children and youth of Nepal will realize their full potential through quality education, proper health and hygiene, and love, care and support.

Khushi Nepal - Objective

  •   Support educational institutions where the target group will receive quality educational upbringing;
  •   Improve the health and wellbeing of the target group by providing medical and related services;
  •   Fulfill the basic needs of the children and the youth by establishing a home, where they can receive transit, drop-in services and socialization support;
  •   During emergency, work to benefit the affected community;
  •   Reintegrate vulnerable children and youth to the society;
  •   Conduct baseline and other surveys to discover real needs of the target group;
  •   Work with families of deprived children and youth to create opportunities to generate income;
  •   Create a network of organizations working for the benefit of target groups, and build a referring services.